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       The story behind Robots and Ice Cream can be found in our logo: It's about robots who love ice cream and live on the Moon! What's more, all of the graphics and music found here are created by the robots themselves! Everything you see and hear is from their point of view. Robots and Ice Cream uses this story as the basis for all of our designs, music and products.

       It's our goal to inspire you to embrace your creativity and imagination, whether you're in a so-called creative field or not! So while we also want to make you smile (and perhaps crave some ice cream), behind it all is our encouragement for you to follow that creative spark when you feel it. Don't judge it, dismiss it, or edit it...just give it a little room to grow and see where it leads! That is exactly how this company started, and it's been one of the best things I've ever done.

     We are still a small company, but we are grateful for your energy and positivity. Thanks for joining us on our journey!


Dan Beltran


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