The story behind Robots and Ice Cream can be found in our logo: It's about robots who love ice cream and live on the Moon! What's more, all of the graphics and music found here are created by the robots themselves! Everything you see and hear is from their point of view. Robots and Ice Cream uses this story as the basis for all of our designs, music and products.

       When I first made drawings of robots enjoying ice cream, I realized that it was coming from a very playful, unselfconscious place in my imagination. I decided to encourage that spirit and keep drawing. Before I knew it, I had created robot rock bands and ice cream parlors on the Moon! So while Robots and Ice Cream is a story that inspires the graphics, it is also a real-life story about trusting in one's own imagination.

       No matter what fun products or music you find here, our mission is the same: to summon up the whimsical creativity that lives in each one of us! That's why our motto is "Feed Your Imagination."

       Thanks for checking us out. We're excited to continue the story of Robots and Ice Cream and share it with you!


Dan Beltran

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