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       Get to know our characters! From a robot named Pax to a band member named Stacks, there's a big world of Robots and Ice Cream characters to enjoy!


You'll rarely see him with less than two scoops of ice cream in his hand! 

Joe-Bot is our official mascot! He's an optimistic fellow and is always happy to represent our company.


Rocky Road-Bot

Rocky Road-Bot is the guitarist for the Rocky Road-Bots!

His passion for rocky road and rock and roll drove him to start his own rock band! After building his cone-guitar all by himself, he found a few more friends with the same haircut (and musical interests), and the Rocky Road-Bots began!

Rebel Road-Bot

Rebel Road-Bot is the drummer for the Rocky Road-Bots!

He's the most relaxed member of the band. He saves all of his energy for the drums!

 Ricky Road-Bot is the lead singer for the Rocky Road-Bots!

When he's not writing lyrics or singing, Ricky enjoys designing the band's own merchandise!

Ricky Road-Bot

Ronnie Sprinkle is the lead singer for The Sprinkles! It was her idea to form the band with her friends who all enjoyed the Mod look and sound of Earth's early 1960s!

The other Sprinkles all contribute to the band, but

Ronnie is the one they all look up to.

Max Sprinkle

The Moon reporters like to call her the "Quiet Sprinkle" but she's really not...just ask her friends!

 Max Sprinkle is the guitarist and vocalist for The Sprinkles!

Kid Sprinkle is the bassist and keyboardist for The Sprinkles! She was the last to join, and the other Sprinkles really look after her. Her favorite ice cream flavor is bubble gum!

Sticks Sprinkle

Sticks Sprinkle is the drummer for the Sprinkles!

When they're not onstage, she is usually the silliest Sprinkle and is the one most likely to cheer everyone else up!

Ronnie Sprinkle

Kid Sprinkle

and the other Funkees are going to help him do it!

The Chairman is the leader of the Funkees! His motto is, "When you're Funky, you're free." He's got a plan to help others reach their full potential,

Body Beat

Body Beat is the percussive member of the Funkees! He likes to do things on his own, but being with the Funkees has shown him that he can't do everything by himself!

The Chairman

Mind Melody

Mind Melody is the melodic member of the Funkees!

She is also very logical and controlled, but she's learning that sometimes that letting go of control can be a good thing!

Soul Sound

He has a very sensitive heart that lets him feel the music in others!

Soul Sound provides the instrumentation for the Funkees!

Pax is the robot who first found the ice cream left behind by the astronauts years ago.

the company Robots and Ice Cream!





Stacks is the vocalist and keyboardist for Melted Sherbet! He believes that all music can be

expressed, blended, and enjoyed...thus the name Melted Sherbet!



He is also the robot who went to Earth and made a deal to start


For Rufus, it's all about the groove, man, the groove! (he insisted that we say groove twice.)

Rufus is the guitarist and vocalist for Melted Sherbet!



A.J. is the vocalist and drummer for Melted Sherbet! He just wants to share all of the drum beats he's learned during his many space travels! Oh, and he's an actor, too!

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